Your body deserves to be beautiful and healthy! Peak Health Store was established with a thought that authenticity is everyone’s right. We all deserve the best and purest products for our beauty and wellness. Being a major supplier of Kojie San products, we believe that beauty depends on the health of your skin. And so we have made it our goal to make the authentic and traditionally formulated Kojic acid soap accessible to every corner of the UK.

Kojic acid soap which was initially prescribed by the dermatologist for skin pigmentation and darkening problems gained huge popularity for its proven results and remarkable skin lightening effects. Made with natural Kojic acid and scientifically proven active ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, orange extracts and tree tee oil, this award-winning soap will nourish your skin by making it younger, refreshed and brightened.

The values we abide by

Peak Health Store is truly passionate about catering the beauty and wellness needs of our beloved customers. Driven by our passion for authenticity and healthy wellbeing, we are dedicated to making the best quality personal care products accessible to all. Even with our soaring success, we stay committed to our values and abide by them no matter what..

Our mission

Your beauty is our drive. Providing the 100% authentic and traditionally formulated Kojie San products that are proven to make users flawlessly beautiful.

Why Choose Peak Health Store?

Who doesn’t love authentic and natural products that make their skin glow with radiance and good health? There are a multitude of reasons to choose us for your personal care products, here are a few important ones to mention.

Proven results

Kojie San products are known for its demonstrated results in lightening and rejuvenating of skin. Made with scientifically proven and handpicked natural ingredients, this revolutionary product works under your skin by inhibiting the melanin production.

Best in quality

With Peak Health Store, you only get genuine and high-grade personal care products. We are the approved distributors of Kojie San products in the UK. We also sell ace-quality masks and sanitisers to keep you protected from infections.

Authenticity guaranteed

Peak Health Store is your most trusted supplier of Kojie San products ranging from whitening products and cleansers + toners. Beware of the fraudsters who are selling Kojie San products under fake packaging.

Competitively priced

With Peak Health Store, you can avail the Kojie San products for their best prices. Check out our online store for attractive deals and offers. Or you can also subscribe to our newsletters for the latest products updates.